Expand Your View - Wireless HD Display Adapter for Mobile and PC

  • Wirelessly Stream your Mobile Content to your Big-Screen TV
  • Wirelessly Share your Pictures and Movies with Friends and Family

The Diamond STREAM 2TV Wireless  HD Display Adapter is an easy-to-use live streaming device that offers you a premium experience in WiFi streaming to your large screen TV. You can watch internet TV and movies, play games and enjoy photos from your mobile device, wirelessly.

Enjoy 1080P resolution and 5.1 channel surround-sound, as well as smooth motion video with low latency (<200ms) and support for mirroring and extension display.

It’s the perfect companion for your HDTV.

The Diamond Stream2TV, can also be a great device for presentations at conferences and training and commercial seminars. When you’re constantly updating your strategies on how to better communicate with your target audience, the Stream2TV Wireless HD Display Adapter can really help your audience make better informed decisions.

Instantly display content such as photos, data, videos and websites - all wirelessly and in 1080P HD. Find creative ways to engage a large group of people and save time in the process by not having to constantly hook up wires and cables.

Diamond WPCTV3000 Stream2TV 1080P HD Wireless

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